Andrew R. Crumbie – Committed to Crumbie Law Group, LLC

Andrew R. Crumbie is a highly dedicated and highly motivated individual with the ability to help his community through his successful law practice. He has always felt a strong pull to uphold the law and to pursue a career through which he can help people remain safe.

Andrew R Crumbie

Andrew R Crumbie

Andrew is currently serving as the founder, owner, and manager of the Crumbie Law Group, LLC located in Hartford, Connecticut. They have law offices all over the New England area including Hartford, Connecticut, New Haven, Connecticut, and Boston, Massachusetts. The firm is an eight attorney law firm that consists of a diverse and culturally rich legal team. Since the firms establishment in 2008, they have quickly become one of the most successful firms in the New England region of the United States. They are the largest state certified Minority Business Enterprise in the area and are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals alike. However, Andrew R. Crumbie did not always work on the judicial side of the legal profession. For more than two full decades, he served the Connecticut State Police force and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a law enforcement official. He served the Connecticut State Police as a detective, a sergeant, the Chief of Staff to the Commissioner, and the Deputy Commissioner for the Division of Scientific Services. He served the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Task Force Agent and worked closely with the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut.

Andrew R. Crumbie is nothing short of committed when it comes to serving the people and businesses of his New England community. He is an expert when it comes to municipal defense, commercial transactions, and corporate investigations. His time spent in the Connecticut State Police Department, and as a Task Fore Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, has made him an expert when it comes to business investigations or investigations into other matters as well. Andrew R. Crumbie has always worked hard to prove himself no matter the position held and he has dedicated his career to helping those in need. As a detective for the Connecticut State Police Department, he conducted background investigations for licensure of executive employees for Connecticut’s gaming industry and assisted the development of risk mitigation policies. He was also tasked with the responsibility of conducting criminal investigations into fraud, forgery, bribery, counterfeiting, racketeering, and other white collar crimes in the gaming industry.

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About andrewrcrumbie

Andrew R. Crumbie has served in law enforcement for twenty years and has run his own firm for the past seven years. His experience has given him a lot of valuable insight into how to run a business. However, the most important thing 27 years of experience has taught him is the value of professionalism. According to him, professionalism is as much a state of mind as it is anything else. A true professional is one who maintains ethical behavior even when it’s difficult.
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