Enjoying the Scenery

Andrew R. Crumbie had the incredible opportunity to work with Dr. Henry Lee. Dr. Lee is a world renowned forensic scientist who has done incredible work everywhere he has been. What made this opportunity even more special, what that Andrew R. Crumbie was able to travel with Dr. Lee all over Asia. Together they trained various police departments in investigative techniques, evidence preservation, and crime scene reconstruction. Having traveled quite a bit in his lifetime, traveling has become something special to Andrew R. Crumbie who picked up a few tips along the way.

Andrew R Crumbie

Andrew R. Crumbie noticed that basic English is spoken almost everywhere. That makes it easier to communicate with people and builds confidence in a traveler because they feel that they are not as alone as they thought they were. When speaking English and using hand gestures, communicating is not as frightening as many people believe it to be. Starting conversations with the locals is easier than before, and a traveler can learn more about the area and enrich their traveling experience.

Unfortunately, crime happens everywhere. This means it happens in the country that a traveler is planning to go. If traveling with important documents or snapping plenty of photos, make sure that everything is backed up properly. Andrew R. Crumbie knows that it is a gut check when losing something like a phone, camera, or laptop abroad, however having everything properly backed up gives back some of the wind back into the travelers lungs as they know they did not quite lose all of their items on their electronic device.

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About andrewrcrumbie

Andrew R. Crumbie has served in law enforcement for twenty years and has run his own firm for the past seven years. His experience has given him a lot of valuable insight into how to run a business. However, the most important thing 27 years of experience has taught him is the value of professionalism. According to him, professionalism is as much a state of mind as it is anything else. A true professional is one who maintains ethical behavior even when it’s difficult.
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