Andrew R. Crumbie : A Dedicated Detective

Andrew R. Crumbie spent 20 years in the law enforcement before opening his own law firm, the Crumbie Law Group. During that time he demonstrated his dedication to justice and public safety by serving in several different roles. Andrew R. Crumbie served as a detective, sergeant, Chief of Staff to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Scientific Services.

During his time as a detective, Crumbie was tasked with background investigations into those seeking licenses to work as executives in Connecticut’s gaming industry. This granted him valuable insight into the regulatory aspects of the gaming industry as well businesses in general. Additionally, he conducted criminal investigations into fraud, forgery, bribery, counterfeiting, racketeering and several other types of white-collar crime related to the gaming industry.

One of the goals of the Crumbie Law Group is to help minorities who are facing discrimination in the business world. His time as a detective has given him valuable insight into this area as proving discrimination can be a difficult matter that often requires many hours’ worth of research and investigation.

His time as a detective also taught him other valuable skills that would serve him well throughout his career, such as conducting interviews and the general procedures and protocols of law enforcement. While the specifics of some of those skills weren’t necessarily transferable to a private law practice, the general concepts would prove very helpful when Crumbie went on to found the Crumbie Law Group in 2008.

Andrew R. Crumbie’s passion for justice hasn’t faded, even though he is now working in a private practice. He still seeks justice by helping to end discrimination in the workplace.

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About andrewrcrumbie

Andrew R. Crumbie has served in law enforcement for twenty years and has run his own firm for the past seven years. His experience has given him a lot of valuable insight into how to run a business. However, the most important thing 27 years of experience has taught him is the value of professionalism. According to him, professionalism is as much a state of mind as it is anything else. A true professional is one who maintains ethical behavior even when it’s difficult.
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