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When Andrew R Crumbie arrived in America from Jamaica at six years old, he had no idea of the path he would take and the effect he would have on his community. He served his community in law enforcement and as a state trooper Sergeant for 20 years, but felt called to help others in a different way. He started his own law firm in 2008, determined to have an ethnically and racially diverse firm that would have something special to offer that no other law firm could.

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Andrew R Crumbie – The Role of Digital Evidence in Crime Solving

Andrew R Crumbie is currently an attorney with a very successful firm in Connecticut, but previously he did a lot of work with the police department in Connecticut. He spent a lot of time revamping Connecticut’s forensic lab, but at the same time he developed the state’s first Computer Crime and Electronic Evidence lab.

Andrew R Crumbie
Some may think that digital evidence is only useful in embezzlement or other fiscal crimes, but that couldn’t be further for the truth. Digital evidence has solved crimes in many different categories, including the crimes of “BTK,” in which case a floppy disk led them to discover his true identity and arrest him.

As technology has advanced, so had the ways in which crimes can be recorded and discovered. File on mobile phones can help investigators pinpoint the locations of alleged criminals and their location at the time of the crime to decipher whether or not their testimonies are congruent with the facts.

Emails, cell phone records, and flash cards in cameras can all be used to solve crimes, obtain warrants and solidify prosecution against criminals. Law enforcement is constantly training and updating officers on the right way to collect and preserve digital evidence. AS the technology changes, so do the methods of obtaining and properly collecting it.

During his time structuring and setting up the Computer Crime and Electronic Evidence lab, as during his time as a state trooper Andrew R Crumbie was able to see the benefits of electronic evidence in action. He is keenly aware of the importance of digital evidence.

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Andrew R Crumbie – Is Law Enforcement the Right Career for You?

Going into law enforcement is not something to take lightly. Andrew R Crumbie, now a successful lawyer, was once a state trooper in Connecticut before eventually receiving his law degree and leaving the department. He values his time in law enforcement and realizes that the extensive time he spent serving there has contributed to his noteworthy success as an attorney, and as the founder of Crumbie Law Firm.

Andrew R Crumbie

First and foremost, if you want to get into law enforcement, you have to be sure that you are able to give what is necessary to the job in order to do it properly. A sincere desire for justice and to serve the community are imperative to success as a police officer. If you are still in high school, look into what programs might be available in your area for teenagers who are considering going into law enforcement.

An education is key to having a successful law enforcement career. Most agencies require that you have a high school degree at minimum. An associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree will boost your chances of becoming a law enforcement officer, because they show the agency that you are willing and able to put time and effort into learning new knowledge and skills.

Being physically fit is very important if you want to go into law enforcement. Local and state departments will give you a fitness test before you can become law enforcement. These tests are physically taxing and if you aren’t in good physical condition you will not pass. Andrew R Crumbie knows that being physically fit helped him fulfill his role as a State Trooper.


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Andrew R Crumbie – Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

When you own a business, you may consider hiring a business lawyer to be excessive or unnecessary. Andrew R Crumbie believes that every business should have access to a competent business lawyer. You can never be too careful when you own your own business.

Andrew R Crumbie

Having a business lawyer could save your business if one of your employees chooses to sue you for sexual harassment or discrimination. Andrew R Crumbie actually experienced an unfair demotion due to his race and office politics when he worked for the Police Commissioner in Connecticut. Using his skill as a lawyer, he avoided court and was able to settle with the state in 2008.

A business lawyer would also be vital if you happened upon an environmental issue with your business, or if you and your business partner want to make “special allocations” of profits and losses. Those kinds of situation can get sticky very quickly and having a good lawyer on it can head off any major issues before they get out of hand.

For simpler things that crop up in the course of managing and operating your business such as reserving a trademark, getting a domain name or hiring employees may not require the expertise of a business lawyer. That being said, use your discretion as a business owner. If you feel unsure whether or not you should proceed with something, go ahead and consult with a business lawyer to be sure.

Andrew R Crumbie strive to build a healthy relationship with his clients based on trust, so that they always feel comfortable calling or coming in if they need help with anything.


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Andrew R Crumbie -Building Relationships and Earning Trust

One of the reasons attorney Andrew R Crumbie is so successful is because he has put the extra time and effort into building relationships with people, both as a lawyer and a state trooper. Building relationships based on trust is a vital component of success in any profession. However, trust alone isn’t enough for a mutually beneficial working relationship. There are other things that help build healthy working relationships.
When you value the perspective and ideas of others, they will come to value yours. This mutual respect means that ideas are flowing and you are going to be able to work together well, coming up with solutions and fresh concepts.

When you’re working with other people, offering to help when you see a need instead of waiting to be asked is a great way to build a positive working relationship. Being available is one thing, but seeing a need and offering to fill it will add a very positive spin to your working relationship. Another thing to remember is that you should give help to others more often than you accept help for yourself. Give and take is important, but being willing to give more than you take will help those you work with see you in a positive light.

You also need to keep your promises. When you say you are going to do something for someone else, you need to do it, and do it promptly. Be responsible with what you promise or offer to a coworker or client. Don’t offer to do anything that you aren’t sure you can come through on, or you may lose credibility.

Andrew R Crumbie

Andrew R Crumbie

Another key thing to remember when you are trying to build work relationships is that when you make a mistake, you should acknowledge it an apologize immediately. Don’t wait for the mistake to be discovered and traced back to you, step up and admit and apologize as soon as you notice the mistake. Taking ownership for your mistakes increases your credibility and respect.

Andrew R Crumbie has built a successful career on good working relationships. During his time as a law enforcement officer, he built up good relationships and learned the ins and outs of the processes and procedures in the law enforcement office. As a lawyer, he continues to build good working relationships because he puts in the time and effort that is need to form them. Andrew R Crumbie is proud of the good working relationships he’s built.

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Andrew R. Crumbie: The Importance of Giving Back

Personal and career success is always a rewarding feeling, but what’s possibly even more rewarding is seeing the positive impact your actions have on your community. Andrew R. Crumbie is the owner of the Crumbie Law Group and has dedicated much of his free time to charitable causes such as the Saint Francis Foundation and the YMCA.

The Saint Francis Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to raising funds for the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. The Saint Francis Memorial Hospital was founded by five physicians in 1905 and has grown into one of the leading providers of healthcare for the San Francisco area. Part of the reason for its growth is thanks to the Saint Francis Foundation, which since it was founded in 1979 has provided more than $50 million in support of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.

The Saint Francis Foundation, and other charitable organizations such as the Red Cross or Salvation Army, couldn’t do the work they do without the support of people willing to volunteer their time and money. And that might be the most rewarding thing about personal success: It gives you the opportunity to make a difference in your local community, your country or even the world.

Andrew R. Crumbie is a successful attorney and businessman currently living and working in Connecticut and his law firm offers a wide range of services regarding matters of business law. In addition to his busy career, Crumbie is active with a number of charities and likes to use his personal success as an opportunity to help others.

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Andrew R. Crumbie: Fighting the War on Terror

September 11th, 2001 changed the course of the United States and the world. Thousands of people lost their lives and many others lost friends and family members. 9-11 also changed the way law enforcement worked in the U.S. Prior to that day, most local and state law enforcement agencies didn’t have much training in counter terrorism. This type of work was mostly left up to the FBI, but after 9-11 local police agencies began training their officers in counter terrorism measures. Andrew R. Crumbie was serving as a sergeant for the Connecticut State Police in 2001 and was in charge of various counter terrorism activities.

In the wake of 9-11, President George W. Bush founded the Department of Homeland Security, a new agency specifically tasked with protecting America from terrorist attacks. The Department of Homeland Security works with the FBI, intelligence agencies and local law enforcement to help uncover terror plots and prevent them before they happen.

One of the main goals of the Department of Homeland Security is to help provide training to airport security personnel in how to best recognize and prevent potential terrorist activity. For obvious reasons, airport security has increased dramatically in the years since 9-11 and the Department of Homeland Security, along with several other local federal agencies, has worked to figure out the best policies and training measures.

In the wake of 9-11, Andrew R. Crumbie, while serving as a sergeant for the Connecticut State Police, was assigned to aid the Department of Homeland Security in developing anti-terror policies and training for the Bradley International Airport.

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